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Decorating with pom poms

An interiors trend for this season is texture, and I love it because it means lots of DIY opportunities! More and more we're seeing wicker and cane, macrame, pom poms and tassels, weaves, wood and ceramics in furniture and decorating. I think this trend is beautiful because it encourages hand-crafting and special pieces to make your house feel more like a home. It's easy enough to buy a budget-friendly seagrass basket and personalise it with some pom poms!

So here's my contribution (the first of a few to come!) to encouraging this trend in your home. Pom poms are really easy to make and you can even get your kids involved. Perhaps you remember learning to make these at school... I have fond memories!


✖︎ Hemp cord, wool, raffia, leather strap (anything you think could work as a pom pom!)

✖︎ Thick cardboard

✖︎ Scissors

✖︎ Pencil



Measure and cut two circles the same size from the cardboard (you might like to use a compass...or trace around any circular object in your house)

Your pom pom will end up being a little smaller than the size of these circles.


Measure and cut two circles the same size from the inside of these circles. They don't need to perfectly line up, just close enough!


Place the circles one on top of the other. Cut a long length of your cord (or whatever material you're using), then just start wrapping around the circle and through the hole! You’ll have to hold the ends until you get enough wrapped around to hold it down.


Keep weaving in and out until you can't thread back through the inner circle again. You may need to use multiple lengths of cord to get to this point. It should look like this:


With your scissors, cut the cord on the edge of the circle, using the space between the two cardboard circles as a guide.


Once all the cord has been cut along the edge of the circle take another length of cord and slide it in between the two cardboard circles, wrapping around the inner circle until the two ends of that piece of cord meet up. Tie tightly into a double knot to secure all the pieces of cord.


Cut a slit from the outside circle to the inside circle of each cardboard piece to remove the cardboard. Fan out and fluff up (a technical term!) the cord to create your pom pom. Trim any pieces that stick out.

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