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DIY leather napkin rings

I love entertaining! Mostly, I love it because it means spending time with good friends (or making new ones!), enjoying conversation, a few laughs and sharing our home with others. But I also love cooking, pretty platters and plates and decorating the table so that it's not only the food that is aesthetically pleasing.

I've slowly been making my way through a few DIY projects to create some pretty pieces to add interest to our dining decor and these leather napkin rings have been on my to-do list for a while. These napkin rings were an easy and fun little project to add style and texture to our dining table!

But I can't claim it as my own idea! I picked up a great little book from the local newsagent a year or two ago called Easy DIY Ideas For Your Home, by homes +. So, if you're interested, you can buy it here.


✖︎ 38mm leather strap

✖︎ Ruler (Metal ruler if using a Stanley knife)

✖︎ Pencil

✖︎ Sharp scissors or Stanley knife

✖︎ Leather punch

✖︎ Brass screw posts



Lay the leather strap face down on a flat surface. Using a pencil and ruler, measure 15cm lengths, drawing a line across the width.


Using the scissors or Stanley knife and ruler, carefully cut along the lines you've marked.

TIP: I found it best to use a Stanley knife as it gave a cleaner, straighter edge.


Turn each leather strap over and, using the pencil and ruler, mark a spot 1cm in from one end, positioned at the centre of the width. Repeat at opposite end.


Using the leather punch, make holes in the pieces of leather strap where you've marked at each end. Make sure that the punch size you use will allow for a hole big enough to fit the screw posts through.

TIP: I found it best to make a hole in one end then loop it over the other end to make sure the mark you've made for the second punch hole will allow the ends to match up neatly and evenly.


Push one half of a brass screw post through a hole. Loop the leather strap into a ring, and push the brass screw post through the second hole.


Screw the second half of the post into the first half, securing the napkin ring to complete. Repeat with the remaining leather straps and screw posts to finish the set.


✖︎ I suggest choosing a neutral coloured leather so that it will go with any coloured napkin. I'm pairing mine with the napkins I dyed a few blog posts ago! DIY shibori napkins

✖︎ You can buy the leather strap and screw posts from Birdsall Leather.

✖︎ My leather punch is from Bunnings. I used an Adjustable Leather Punch rather than a Hollow Punch Set. It was very easy to use, did the job quickly and required less tools to get it done!

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