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DIY hanging plant

So, hanging plants are all the rage at the moment, and they're a great way to add freshness and colour to your home. Here is a simple (as simple as you can get!) guide to making a hanging pot for your own home. A great DIY for anyone who doesn't have heaps of time to learn how to macrame but still likes the look of that pretty macrame cord around a hanging pot.


✖︎ Hemp cord or macrame rope (at least 2.2m)

✖︎ Measuring tape

✖︎ Scissors

✖︎ Hook and drill (for hanging)



Using the measuring tape and scissors measure and cut fifteen 120cm lengths of the cord or rope, and one 380cm length.

You may need to adjust the number of lengths of cord you need depending on the thickness of the cord you're using.


Hold all the 120cm lengths together and tie them 5cm from one end with a double knot, using one end of the 380cm length. Using scissors, trim the short end of the cord where you've made the double knot.


Wrap the 380cm length around the 120cm lengths for about 15cm.


Bend the wound cord back on itself so that either ends of the wound cord meet up. Then continue winding the cord around the lengths of cord and the ends that you've just bent over to secure the loop.


Continue winding for about 8cm and secure with a double knot. This will secure the loop at the top of your hanger. It should look like the loop in the image opposite:


Separate the lengths of cord (including the cord you've used to wrap around the loop) into groups of 4 and tie 10cm from the bottom of the wound loop.


Measure another 30cm from where you've tied the cord in groups of 4 and tie again.


Next, separate each of the four cords into two times two cords. Take two of the cords from one length and tie them with two cords from the length of cords next to it, 15cm from the previous knot.

Continue this process for all the remaining lengths of cord.


Finally, using a 10cm piece of cord tie together all the lengths of cord 10cm from the previous knots. Trim back the small piece of cord you used to tie it all together and trim the tassel so that it will sit neatly under your pot.

Your hanger is now ready for your potted hanging plant!


✖︎ I just used a spare pot I had in the yard so the bottom isn't glazed. So, using the DIY from the last blogpost on DIY teapot trivets, I made a disc of woven cord to sit in between the pot and the bottom of the hanger.

✖︎ You may need to move your pot around a little in the hanger until it sits flat. It's important that it sits flat otherwise it looks messy (and you can't have that!).

✖︎ ON HOOKS: Make sure you use a hook that will be strong enough to hold your pot. You may also need someone who understands a little about building structures as the hook needs to be screwed into a part of the ceiling that has a beam running through it. My hubby had to help me with this one!

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