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Love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I'm not a red roses kind of girl myself, and I'm not keen on the money-making, commercial side of Valentine's Day but why waste an opportunity to show someone that you love them?! I also love a beautiful bunch of flowers but why not try something different this year... something that can be kept and enjoyed for more than a few days.

So, I reckon that Valentine's Day is pretty easy when you're buying for a woman – flowers and chocolates aren't hard to work out! But what to get for the man you love? I'm showing my hubby that I love him this Valentine's Day with a little gift box of things he loves and things we can enjoy together (if you catch my drift!). If you're planning to buy for a woman, never fear, I've got some ideas to spoil the ladies too.

Firstly, the beautiful wooden box is from Natural Wooden Box Co.. They handcraft wooden boxes locally here in Australia, and can make any size box you'd like, and engrave them as mine has been too. My hubby's love language is words of affirmation, so I wanted to buy a box he could keep for years to come to keep all the letters and cards I've given him, and will give him for years to come. But if you're organising this last minute, you could find any wooden box for your little hamper at Big W, Kmart or a discount store.

As for the contents of your gift box, I think it's nice to include things you know your gift-ee loves and will enjoy, and some things you can enjoy together. Here's what's in my hubby's gift box:

✖︎ A new casual shirt from The Critical Slide Society, perfect for this season

✖︎ A wooden massager

✖︎ His favourite coffee beans from the local cafe

✖︎ Massage oil

✖︎ Invisible zinc from Sunbum (imperative for a man with very fair skin!)

Here are some other ideas for the man in your life (whatever his hobbies or interests!):

✖︎ Pocket knife

✖︎ Cologne ✖︎ Bottle opener

✖︎ Alcohol

✖︎ Thongs

✖︎ Movie tickets

✖︎ Small plant (e.g. cactus)

✖︎ Gardening things

✖︎ Key ring

✖︎ Wallet

✖︎ Belt

✖︎ Cufflinks

✖︎ Book

✖︎ Gourmet sauce or spice mix

✖︎ Chocolate

✖︎ Chocolate biscuits

✖︎ Beef jerky

As for the lovely ladies:

✖︎ Chocolate

✖︎ Tea

✖︎ Candle ✖︎ Alcohol

✖︎ Hand cream

✖︎ Bath salts

✖︎ Perfume

✖︎ Spa voucher

✖︎ Lingere

✖︎ Nail polish

✖︎ Body scrub

✖︎ Book

✖︎ Jewellery

✖︎ Watch

✖︎ Little potted succulent

✖︎ Stationery

✖︎ Headphones

✖︎ Diary/planner/journal

✖︎ Scarf


Why not take this opportunity to spoil anyone you love – your best friend, your mum, dad, kids, a new mum and dad... your dog!? The possibilities are endless, you just need to give it a little thought... which is what it's really all about anyway!

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