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A Christmas "Wreath" with an Aussie Twist

I've only spent Christmas in two other places outside of Australia: Canada and India. While I enjoyed experiencing other countries' Christmas traditions I'll always love an Aussie Christmas! What's better than prawns, pavlova, backyard cricket and an afternoon swim in the pool on a warm Christmas Day?

So, this year I thought I'd do a bit of DIY Christmas decorating using things I found at the beach and in the Aussie bush. Never was so simple!

All you need is some twine, scissors, driftwood (I found mine at the beach, but you could use some dowel from the hardware store if you don't have access to this) and some foliage of your choice.

Arrange your driftwood into a triangle shape...

And secure by wrapping the ends together tightly with the twine.


Attach a length of twine to the top end for hanging. I tied together several lengths of twine and braided them a little before tying off and then tying also at the end.

Style your foliage around the triangle in whatever arrangement you prefer and secure with twine.

And your Aussie wreath is ready to hang!

We collected our foliage on a walk along the local bush track. Poor was the middle of the day and I think she was being suffocated by the heat...lucky for the swim at the end of the track!

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